Friday, May 29, 2009


I thought it might be interesting to throw out some commentary and anecdotes on Men's style from a Midwestern perspective. Its not so much that I'd convinced myself that I had something relevant to say as much as nobody else appeared to be saying ANYTHING.

I'll be waxing prophetic from the eyes and ears of a "Shirttail Boomer" (groans). So you may get the odd reference toward music and low brow culture from as far back as, well, a ways.

I've been a working musician(more groans) on and off for most of my life, a factory worker and as a wholesale sales rep in the clothing business for the past 12 odd years.

Because you didn't ask, I'm going to tell you. It started when I was attending Kendall in Grand Rapids in the mid 90's. I was in a "Design 101" course sitting in front of a Mac when we were asked to come up with an assortment of logos. Being in a band at the time, the AHA moment arrived quickly...MY BAND'S NAME...MY BAND'S LOGO...MY BAND'S LOGO ON T-SHIRTS.
From there it went to designing any t-shirts, then to trade shows and then on to different lines and categories of clothing.

I was on my way to walk my dog this morning, when the 12 string intro to the Byrd's version of Mr. Tambourine Man kicked in. What a great way to start a Friday morning. Gotta figure thats where the term chimey guitar comes from. I wonder who came up with that lick, Roger McGuinn(sp) or David Crosby. Then you toss in Chris Hillman's bass line, that whole traveling, folky minstrel kinda thing.

Anyhoo, the ultimate here would be for me to learn as much or more as I comment on.

Bon Apetite

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