Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mr And Mrs.

This couple could have been my parents. But, I suspect, as much trouble As I got their son into, they quite likely would have declined the offer.
This photo is important to me for a number of reasons. One; I totally forgot about The Green Bean.
While it may stand out as one of the more inglorious vehicles ever made, it represents a time when we were finishing high school, and we had the whole world in front of us, and the most important thing we were concerned about at the moment was who had papers.

Two; This particular angle of the house depicts the door to the sun room where we watched Bewitched at noon. It wasn't just the Snow Capped Franks we were avoiding, it was the importance of autonomy, being able to walk away from it all, for like, 25 minutes. We returned reinvigorated, maybe even a little bit arrogant.

The roof to the sun room also served as an important cog in one of the greatest sneak outs from a sleep-over ever to be busted by a mom for.
It seemed flawless on paper:
A) Climb out second floor bathroom window to roof of first floor sun room. B) Jump off sun room roof to ground below.
"Tuck and roll" I whispered. "Remember to tuck and roll."

While returning from whatever pointless adventure we earlier set out for, we realized we left out one small but very key element to the success of this euphoric, no walls can hold us, flight to freedom. Just how exactly, were we gonna get back up to the bathroom window.
This minor set back to our plans quickly took a back seat as we tip-toed through the woods toward the house when we stopped, dumbfounded. We stood silent, trying to make sense of it. There-are-now-many-more-lights-on- in-the-house-than-when-we-left.
Shit! Norma was awake!

Three; You are missed Mrs. Leaver

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