Monday, February 7, 2011


Hi. I'm Todd Truman. And I smoke fags. Maybe if I write about it I'll be less apt to go back to it. That's horseshit really I know. But nothing wrong with adding a new defense angle to the strategy. Like zone, man to man, half court, full court press and scribbling about quiting. It's all about what you've got in the playbook man. And doesn't it always comes down to the sports analogies?
I'm not fairing to badly though. 6 weeks yesterday with one misstep. And that sure was one tasty misstep I'll tell you what.
I think about it a lot. Even dream and fantasize about it. The art of the long pull. I used to rehearse that huff back in the gullies behind junior high. When you're in ninth grade and you want people to see that you smoke (otherwise why would you), you want to look damn convincing, like you knew how to strike a match with your thumb tip on your way out of the womb.
Ironically, I still kind of dig the naughtiness of it. It's still sexy in a really stupid, dinosaur kind of way. That's why I seek out photos of people smoking. The yin and the yang. The romantic and the downright idiotic.
I mean why die in a house fire from smoke inhalation for Christ's sake when you can ultimately achieve the same effect by smoking for 40 years. (That's a keeper, I'll have to write that one down).

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