Sunday, August 14, 2011

The First Annual Newaygo Kayak, Sub And Snorkel Fest

Brad, Vicky, Jim, Melissa, Le Nadeaus, Brother Bill, Mark, Kathe, Marj, Cindy, Terry, Vonnie, Kevvy, Ann and Janna. And those are just the names of the people I could see. This may not be wise, I know, cause sure-as-shootin' I'll forget but hopefully not alienate somebody. but it's important for me to try and thank everybody who were kind enough to make the effort to come out last night with the sketchy weather and all. This was a fun platform to jump off of...if yer a gittin' my vague, biz-speak.
I just hope at the very least, the beer was decent.

Wayne Cochran and Elvis

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