Thursday, September 22, 2011


I've probably logged in about 45 years of "bud time" with thizguy. On the one hand it's monumental. On the other hand, it's just a long dang time. I've climbed great trees that aren't this old.
I don't often over-think this, this kind of unnatural...thing until a picture like this comes along. And only then do I start to toss around how we have managed to stay afloat where other, more Olympic style attempts have not. If I dumb it down, I'd guess proximity, forgiveness and Stephen Stills have all played some role in this.

I'm not going to scratch out a long list of things we've done for each other over the years because that's too labor intensive. And friends should not be about labor intensive-ness. It is important however to expose some things from time to time like when he nonchalantly said yes when I needed a place to stash my collection of Playboy, Penthouse and Oui magazines from the 80s when I married for the second time. Or when we were in high school, he offered his parents home as a safe house when some of us where on the lamb from the police for streaking down Main Street. Or this tender moment when we were setting up at a bar and Jack had a power source question or some shit and he asked me for the name of the manager and I gave him the first name that cropped up and he called out, "Pete, Pete," to nobody as the rest of us sat back, doubled up in pain from laughing so hard. Cheers, old timer.

This picture is taken at Tapper's Cabin probably around '74 or '75.
Sent to me from Anne Vanderlawn Williams via Mark Vanderlawn.

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