Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cocktails And Banquet Halls

As a kid, this was not my first choice for grub in Muskegon. Just wasn't exactly kid friendly.  But when you don't even have a driver's license you go where the folks go.  Burger King was happening back in the day because there were not so many around back then. Or US 31 Bar-B-Q. The Doo Drop was kind of fancy though. I think seafood was their big deal. They had those big, sweeping horse-shoe shaped booths. At some point though, many years ago, the swankiness disappeared along with the most of the industries that helped support the town.


  1. When they had the sale to get rid of the fixtures right before they knocked it down, I was able to purchase the velvet matador paintings from the Matador Room bar area for 5 bucks. They now reside in my living-room, and no longer smell of cigarettes and onion rings. I also worked for a subcontractor that installed water meters and put in the Doo-Drop's, which was down in their truly creepy basement. It was definitely the land of misfit toys, and also the first place I ever saw a rat in it's natural habitat. Good times!

  2. Thanks for posting. The DDI was one of maybe three places I remember being hauled off to with my folks. Another one was right downtown. I think it is/was next to Raquette's(sp). It had basement seating and entry. It's had many lives since the 60s, one of them being a rock club in the early nineties. But a chophouse in the 60s.
    You've piqued my interest in the velvet paintings you scored, I'm a little envious just for nostalgia's sake. It would be great if you were to take a picture of one or two of them and send/email to me for posting on this less than notorious blog. Thanks again.

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