Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Boogie Beatniks

I'd put Billy F. Gibbons somewhere in the same graduating class as Keef. Of course these fellas don't graduate from anything besides birthdays, they both ooze a genuine bohemian snarl no institution would ever provide.
Being a card-carrying member of the microwave society, meaning, unless some action is practically at my doorstep, I'm probably not going to experience the experience. A 30 minute drive? I'm in.
Plus I was piqued by some news I dug up about the Toppers teaming up with Rick Rubin a couple of years ago to rejuvenate the Tres Hombres era ZZ. Have yet to hear a peep about that. Maybe something didn't gel. Maybe a beard thing.
(On a side note,I think Rick Rubin and T-Bone Burnett should get together and form a production alliance. They could tackle all the dudes who strayed for one reason or another, like Stephen Stills, who absolutely, could potentially howl on a blues-rock canvas. But no, sadly, he was Graham Nashed somewhere along the way).
To my delight, Billy, Dusty Hill and Frank Beard sauntered on stage and greeted us with the charming gut-bucket, Got Me Under Pressure and the Bus/Jesus medley.
It's a well-oiled show, as it should be, when Billy introduces the band, "For 40 years, the same three guys, for 40 years, the same three chords."
Their synchronized swim style dance steps and bro-code signage along with Gibbon's honkin and sqawkin, delta raunch via Marshall stack (reference mine) only reaffirms what we all would expect. That they are still the rightful heirs to the throne of the Boogie Nation.

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