Monday, June 14, 2010

Streets O' Fremont

Streets O' Fremont, pretty arty hunh? I didn't take that summer school theatre class with Sue Brothers back in 1967 for nothin'.
I wrangeled a disc of random photos from the Fremont Chamber of Commerce. So I thought it would be cool (I know,I should'nt use the word cool)(replace cool with nifty) to post some from time to time. There are 1500.
If you know people I make fun off, please don't be offended. I will take back any comment that is apparently unfit, unkempt, or otherwise just really not that funny (to you).
The real downside is that most of these are not dated or identified, so if someone out there can lend a hand, please do so.
The photo above? I'm thinking there probably isn't anybody alive to help with this one.
Anyway, enjoy!

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