Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Gerber Guest House

The Gerber Guest House, the site of several torrid, murder mysteries (with dinner included of course), is actually two homes conjoined. The first home, or the west side, was built by Frank and Pauline Gerber during WW I. Then, son Dan and his wife Dorothy, built along side to the east in 1923.
It is said that in the kitchen, of which home I'm not sure, while Dorothy (I guess that might make it the home on the east side) was straining and canning fruits and vegetables for their children, that there may well be a need for such a product in finished form as a handy resource for mothers and their babies. And Gerber Baby Food was born.

I think the idea for murder mysteries, of the Orient Express type, should be resurrected, whether at the GGH or someplace else. Sure, it may not be a novel idea, and it's most likely occurring around here anyway and we just haven't been invited, but what a great way to spend an evening, sharing a wonderful meal, then trying to unravel some messy, cheesy love triangle gone horribly wrong...with your friends.
I mean, how heinous is that?


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