Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tastee Freez

In the spirit of Old Fashion Days. No date attributed to this photo either, but I've got to think, judging by the cars, late 50s, early 60s. The Tastee Freez became the ice cream joint by default for me as the Waldo Family's Frosty Freeze, where this bad fella spent his pre-adolescent days hanging with my o-so-bad Mom and Pop. Because, you know, at eight years old, it was tuff to find a bro who had access to wheels.
The Waldo family was our town's version of an entertainment conglomerate. (If I'm lucky, somebody might read this who knows and will chime in) but, I think next to the Waldos Frosty Freeze were some small, individual size trampolines, possibly there to jump on as you were eating your cone (no real danger there). They were one of those familys who had their finger on the pulse of summertime.
I put some time in at the Tastee Freez, pictured above, in high school when the Dekleva family owned it. After they closed at night, I'd wait to clean the fryers till my buds dropped by and I'd fix 'em a choice burg and some soft serv for dessert. And then people would stop by, who I wouldn't exactly call friends, and I'd spit....just kidding.

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