Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ye Olde Community Building, Fremont, Michigan

This undated top photo is remarkable in that I wasn't yet "of this earth" when it was taken. So, for me, it serves as a window into what was, before I was. 1940s maybe?
In the forefront right, is the romanesque Community Building, which held many a community activity such as
The Lions Club Pancake Supper, "Whatdya have son, patty or links?", The Rummage Sale ( a treasure trove before I knew what a treasure trove was).

The next photo, which resembles more of a rendering, is what they called the library or reading room within the community building. It was in this room where the serving tables were set up for the pancake supper, and if I remember correctly, where the cots were set up for the local blood drive. When the nurses were finished extracting and if you played your cards right, you'd sit up and act a little woozy ( I remember somebody actually instructed me to do that,"remember to act a little woozy") just so I could get my hands on a few of the donuts they had on hand for just such an emergency.

The last photo is taken from the southwest corner much later in the building's heyday. The single doorway marked the entrance to the local police department. The bad guys were always taken through the garage door down farther to the left, without much ceremony, because, you know, they were evil-doers. And you don't parade evil-doers through the front door,
And for this reason, the Community Building always lacked a Let Your Hair Down/Kick Your Boots Off kind of ambiance, with the potentially uptight, Johnny Law right downstairs.

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