Sunday, April 10, 2011

And A Fine Night It Was

Saturday night, steak fry night is enough to get even the most surly of Moose members off their patooties and in to town. And I'd like to personally thank Doug Nadeau, whom I'd never met before, but I'm pretty sure his name is Doug, for all his kind words. Roxanne and Bob, great to see you both. Dody Rottman-Miller, havent seen you at a gig since like, Sneakers. Rodney, husband to Roxanne, thank you for bringing me up to speed on life since I saw you at the EZ Mart about 2 weeks ago. Kenney, havent seen you since ZZ Top. Thank you, your woman and whats his name Smith for making the trip and hanging all night. Kathe and Marge, thanks for staying. Kyle, Dannie, Mike and Darlene thank you. Brad, Vicky, your daughter, Warren and your wife who is Sherry Thompson's sister, Jim and Melissa Graham, Ted and Sue Splitstone, Jan and Katy, Dennis-Mitch's cousin and your wife, Jerry Westbrook and Lisa, Dave Salada, andTrish and Cliff. And a special thank you goes out to Kathy With A K, bless her heart for babysitting 2 out of 3 grandkids that night, whoa! I apologize if I've misspelled, omitted or just plain go it wrong. It was nice to see you all
Oh, and by the way, thank you Gerg, Mitch and Jack for remembering any of the chops we may have had, wished we had or lied about and said we had.

Photos of Mitch taken without written consent.
(it might bode well for the photographer to hit the sauce a bit just before he wields the camera to steady those shaky hands)(could it be the other way around)?

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