Monday, April 4, 2011

South Of Bakersfield And North Of Heartache: The Palomino Club

On a street in the San Fernando Valley, east of the 405 and west of Burbank sat a 1400 square foot dance floor attached to a bar, a grill and a stage called The Palomino Club.
This rough and tumble country and western music joint opened in the early 50s and saw all your top dollar acts li
ke; Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee sashay through it's saloon doors.
The Flying Burrito Brothers, Elvis Costello a
nd the Plimsouls all made live recordings there as well as the bar serving as a back drop for a few films with Clint Eastwood and Burt Reynolds.

The club opened at 6am to allow the Valley's 3rd shifters their happy hour and stayed open through afternoon sound checks so regulars and fans could not only watch rehearsals for free but to also take part in impromptu meet and greets.

Through the 80s until closing in '95, you could watch Merle Haggard bump into Lone Justice who'd trip over Dwight Yoakam who was joking around with Neil Young while Neil was showing off the finer points of his tour bus to the Meat Puppets.

Photo of a scene from Every Which Way But Loose.Borrowed from dearoldhollywood.blogspot
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  1. Always interesting to learn little tidbits of musical history like this. Thanks for sharing!