Friday, May 6, 2011

CC And Company

A) 1970's Broadway Joe Namath as CC Ryder, motorcycle mechanic.
B) Ann-Margret as Ann McCalley, fashion journalist.
C) CC Ryder joins band of desert biker hooligans.
D) Hooligans pick-up writer Ann who is stranded by side of road.
E) New recruit Ryder is smitten with kitten.
F) William Smith as Moon, the leader of these savages known as The Heads, isn't exactly giddy about the sparks that are flying and decides to pour cold water on their fire.
G) Ann and Joe Willey don't like being cold or wet so she climbs on back of his AMF era Harley and they head out of Dodge.
H) Wayne Cochran and The CC Ryders do their Mitch Ryder best.

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