Friday, May 27, 2011

Dune Buggy

Certain signposts in life should read "not as smart as" maybe, rather than the somewhat less sunnier, "stupid," "idiotic" or "potentially fatal" even.
Such as the time when on one morning, way too many of us jumped into Jeff's open, roll-bar only Jeep with a freshly plucked, Waldo's keg that we huddled around as we sped up the highway for a day of fun and frolic on the dunes of
Silver Lake.

One of the many other joys of the area, I'm guessing, was the Silver Lake Sun Club. The local nudist camp that, no matter how many backroads we went down, seemed to elude us.
I remember when I was just a bit younger and seeing nudist magazines with pictures of nudist volleyball and how I thought that looked pretty interesting. And that if we were diligent enough at seeking this camp out that we could actually run across such an event.

Another similar fascination within rural Oceana County took place a few years later when the annual Women's National Music Festival set up camp Northwest of Hesperia. You always knew when the festival's road crew came through in advance of the show by all the Subaru wagons with Vermont plates.

Photo: Diane Arbus' Retired Nudists

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