Wednesday, August 12, 2009

City 'O Big Shoulders

I entered the city early morning Saturday, coincidentally, day 2 of Grant Park's Lolapallooza.
Humidity hanging like a thick wet towel, to set up for the Chicago Men's Collective. The Midwest's answer to the New York Men's Collective and Magic held in Las Vegas.
I set up camp at the Allegro Hotel, kind of booteeky in that the staff was kind of snotty in a it's-important-for-us-to-be-perceived-as-a-boutique-hotel kinda way. For my money, or money from someone else, I'd suggest Hotel Monaco, The James or heck, the House of Blues before pointing anyone toward the Allegro.
Business was what I would have expected-a tad slow. The state of retail in the midwest is still far from showing tell tale signs of recovery but what I did notice was what seemed like slightly lighter expressions on the face of buyers, less heavyness, perhaps due to surgical enhancement, but hey, didn't that money have to come from somewhere? I did a fair amount of business with my brands Jeremiah and Canada Goose, but nothing to shake a stick at really. I did see a line though that I thought rather fetching called Tailor Vintage, which if somebody had a wild hair, might indeed take a peek at.

Top photo from Chicago Illinois
Bottom photo from


  1. I've heard this about the Allegro, but not in such an eloquent way. Excellent description that I can totally "get."

    You, my dear friend, should be writing for a living. Get on that willya?