Saturday, August 15, 2009

Crop Dustin' Mother Truckers

Yep, thems real cowboys they is. This guy has been goin' at it all week right next door (cough).
How I love the gritty, acrid aroma of (cough) insecticide. You kinda get a taste of at least what it may have sounded like to have been a French farmer in 1918, while the RAF in their Sopwith Camels duke it out upstairs against the Imperial German Army's aristocratic Cavalry Captain and Flying Ace, Baron von Richtofen in his Fokker Triplane...No?
Well anyway, having a novice level of interest in aircraft, me and the dog took off to watch this pilot dive down below tree tops to strafe the crops only to pull up at the last half second as his wheels kiss the leaves. You could just about hear him shriek YEAH-HOO while he circles back around for another go. Those planes gotta be packin' some immense horsepower to perform the acrobatics that they do. I've been lucky enough to have experienced such a flight minus the acrobatics. Kathy bought us both tickets, as a surprise gift to me, for a ride in a later model, World War I (re-issue if you will) Biplane with the dual front-to-back open air cockpits, leather squadron helmets and all.What a gas to take off out over Lake Michigan in the open air, just loud as hell...YEAH-HOO !

Photo of the Baron's Fokker Triplane from
Photo of modern day crop duster from USA Today


  1. I'm up for another ride! Can NEVER get enough of that rush of "flight"
    BUT! The skydiving tops 'em all!
    You're never to young is the way I see it!

  2. hold on there lassy, one heart attack at a time!