Saturday, August 15, 2009

For Fightin, Saturday Nights Alright

Like Top Fuel Funny Cars at green light, these are a super-stock of the agricultural kind. Ragin' Farmalls, Internationals and Allis Chalmers or what have ya, haulin a progressively heavier sled of bricks just-a-screamin' down the short dirt strip at, like, 5-10 mile an hour. You betcha, it's Saturday night at the County Fair in Fremont, the Tractor Pulls are about to commence and the boys are back in town. Not exactly the NDRA Finals but close enough for bragging rights. Lotta blood, sweat, money and Bud Light go into these puppies, hell the trailors and the pick-em-ups that haul 'em are bigger than my own dang house...with garage.
Hoist one up for me fellas, just don't start nothin you can't finish.

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