Sunday, May 2, 2010

5 String Open G

With little to no anticipation what so ever, this whole business of the Anniversary reissue of the Rolling Stones' Exile On Main Street, really, I can't be bothered.
3 different formats will be available. The Basic CD is the 18 re-mastered tracks. The Deluxe comes with 10 unreleased tracks from that period. And the Super Deluxe contains the original format of Exile on 2 vinyl discs, bonus tracks, DVD and picture book - who needs it?

You'll recall such stalwart Rolling Stones' greats as Bill Wyman, 2 year vet Mick Taylor, Nicky Hopkins, Bobby Keys and even some pedal steel from Al Perkins on Torn And Frayed. But as it turns out, nothing containing Gram Parsons - yawn, excuse me.

Alternate takes of Loving Cup and Soul Survivor. Tumbling Dice was originally titled
Good Time Women, using the 5 string, open G tuning Keith used on Honky Tonk Women and again on Happy and Rocks Off - big whoop.

I really only knew barely snippets of any of this except of course the bit about the open G tuning as I have long been utilyzing that approach on my drums for, well, quit some time - ?
The rest I culled from a great article in the most recent Guitar World mag, written by Alan Di Perna.
I rarely ever pick up a Guitar World - so what! know... Keith was on the cover - here, here's a quarter.

Guitar World
photo of Charlie and Keith by Dominique Tarle

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