Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Field And Stream

I haven't seen an L.L. Bean catalog since they served as coasters on my folks coffee table. Apart from L.L. Bean by fit and some contemporary tweaks, L.L. Bean Signature is like your Dad's younger, hipper, divorced, vintage Triumph ridin, 2 beer drinkin, on the outskirts of town livin brother. The cool uncle.

He's the one who opts for the waxed canvas, Maine Hunting Shoe, not for their hipster status but because they preform well in most any circumstance.

Alex Carlton, who also brought Rogues Gallery to the table, went back to L.L. Bean to serve as Captain of the HMS Signature. His native New England sensibilities and his history with Leon Leonwood Bean can be witnessed in the nautical stripe polos, the madras plaid-short sleeve shirts and Eastport Ranger Moc.
Me? I'm waiting for those very heritagy, buffalo plaid hunting pants to come down the pike this Fall. That's My Daddy's L.L. Bean.

L.L. Bean Signature

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