Monday, April 5, 2010

It's A Ditry Word, Creative

"He's creative," is a polite description friends and family members use when trying to round out a profile, when really: unorthodox, black sheep, eccentric or loon are equally interchangeable.

I can't remember the last time I've heard of someone being described as "offbeat," or "marches to a different drum." It's something one of my mom's bridge club members would have whispered, trying to downplay any neighborhood talk of weirdness.
"Out there," which I think is more dignified than say, "spacey," can still hold water. Often times after a question, asked repeatedly, and gone unanswered in a small room occupied by only two people.

But being tagged as creative is not so different as being labeled as having some psychological disorder. A stigma is still a stigma. You're always expected to show signs either positively or negatively, voluntarily or involuntarily, to assure others of their assessment. Sometimes medication is required to bring it out or to shove it back in. Sometimes it either begins with a form of madness or ends with it.

But if I had to choose between adding colors to the palette or taking colors away, there are worse things than being a loon.

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