Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Mighty Pines Of Montague

At least 6, maybe 7 badly written pages ago I started writing about what criteria i might ponder when considering the notion of starting an upbeat, pop combo. And just after that wadded up 7th page I decided that the criteria were too numerous and too ludicrous to mention.
So I whittled down what I thought were at least a few of the corest of the core considerations. And that these of course can be used in tandem with a multitude of other subjective and perhaps less useful guidelines that you yourself might come up with, or, you could simply just chuck this to the wayside and go back to typing meaningless drivel.

First) Look for skills that knock you back a bit (you'll know what I mean when you hear it).

Second) And that these skills will compliment your own (and others if there are more than you).

Third) With any luck you will see yourself having nice, cordial conversations with this person (possibly on more than one occasion).

Fourth) Prepare to keep looking.

There now, feel free to print this out or forward on to others as a friendly, helpful hint.

Photo: The Shaggs from 1968's Philosophy Of The World

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