Thursday, March 31, 2011

We Witnessed (And Joined In) A Brutal Skanking

Last night The Intersection was inhabited by what appeared to be evacuees from a bomb scare at the neighborhood AARP travelogue.
And being the consummate entertainment complex that it is, staff responded in kind by offering a rollicking dancehall style party for the victims.

Rhythm was provided by the English Beat who, from the moment they strapped on, busted out irresistible, soul kissed ska like; Hands Off...She's Mine, Tears Of A Clown, Twist & Crawl, Mirror In The Bathroom, Sooner Or Later and the Staple Singer's, I'll Take You There.

We almost didn't put forth the effort to go to this show, but we're grateful we pushed our little envelope, for I believe we were skanking, my wife and I.

We, including my stepson and his wife pretty soon, would plunk down serious cash (under $100) to do this again. Go See Them Now!

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