Saturday, May 26, 2012


There are more t-shirts to blab about and more t-shirts on the way but it's the holiday weekend and, well, it's the holiday weekend. I was going to or coming from somewhere on Woodward Ave and saw this shop and thought, as people do, that it would make for a cool t-shirt. I know, it's not like I'm re-inventing the wheel here concept-wise, but I stopped in and talked to the guy and eventually, he said I could do a run of them but that if Target or someone big like that came calling, to do their own version,  than we would have to have another conversation. I'm not positive but I don't think he has to worry. (I hope I'm wrong). Stuff this bad bad puppy under your trenchcoat and walk away from Caruso Caruso in Birmingham, Michigan.

Brought to you by Superieur Brand Clothing.


  1. Thank you. I'm having a blast making them. There will also be a website devoted to them in the coming weeks.

  2. Black ,my lucky color in this season, think about its color and style, maybe design for me! :)