Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sitka Town Hall

Me and the fellas played a set here one night back in the mid 70s. And it looked exactly the same then. We figured it was a happenin spot because it was so far removed - about 6 or 7 miles southwest of Fremont. Didn't figure the city boys would bother us much out there. I remember the 2nd floor bouncing and shaking like a funhouse.  I don't think we made it through the first set that night when people started flying down the stairs and out of there. I don't think it was the bouncing floor people were worried about. I doubt if many had the presence of mind at the time. What nobody thought to consider was the fact that the party might not sit well with the neighbors on either side of the building - who quite likely were the ones who called the Sheriff's Dept. Shoulda sent them an invite I guess.

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