Monday, June 22, 2009

Alfred (1911-2000)

It took longer than it should have to hit me that my inclinations and curiosity toward "style" were things I picked up from my Dad.
"Aw Crap", undoubtedly were the words uttered from this 40 year old man when the news broke of my Mother's pregnancy ( this being the late 50's, it's a good bet empathy and nurturing did not play a large part in the cultural fabric). But like somebody once said; "Everybody's gotta be somewhere".
But one tidbit I did pick up on was that my Dad liked to shop-for clothes-a lot. Glen plaid jackets for him, Pendleton suits for Mom and sweaters for me...lots of sweaters.
In 1969, the Age of Aquarius pretty much put the ky-bosh on my sweater clad class pictures but my Dad's sideburns extended by increments.
By 1975, I'd taken casual dress to the extreme and my Dad, he retired, out of his suits and into
L.L. Bean.

Thank you for allowing me this brief homage to my Dad. He'll be popping in from time to time.
To My Dad I say: "Hey Bub"

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