Monday, June 22, 2009


I've toiled for the last several days trying to come up with my own special take on plaid.
Hoping for something A) prophetic or at least B) innovative, only to come up with C) redundant
and finally D) moronic.
But for those of you who have caught yourselves, however fleetingly, asking what lie ahead?
Well, more plaid. That's okay with me. I'm rather enjoying this plaid/check cycle we're in. I was as sick of stripes as I am cargo pants. Their like the "Bush Years", no matter how much time goes by, they'll never go away.
Anyhoo, I'm anxious to see designers continue to put their spin on vintage classics like tartan and
madras (see:
For my taste though, even if just for the sake of convenience, J. Crew is as dialed in as anyone. The key here is nuance. The smaller the plaid and the smaller the check, the cooler the detail. And for my money, their $59 Secret Wash Shirts rival some of the best out there.

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