Tuesday, June 16, 2009

For The Love of Bob

I don't think I'd be vilified by anyone by saying Bob Stinson was often an accident waiting to happen. I think he enjoyed life that way, always straddling the blade. I witnessed this the same evening I was reduced to a dude.
Bob was no where in sight and hadn't been for hours so the remainder of the 'Mats went on as a 3 piece.
A few songs in and still no Bob, Paul Westerberg shouts out "Any guitar players out there"?
My buddy and band mate Jack runs, well, walks with purpose backstage and straps on his guitar.
Paul waves him on as they rip into Color Me Impressed.
A short time later maybe an hour into the set, who's stumbling down one of the main aisles of the theater towards the stage? Bob hoists himself up as Tommy and Paul take copious swigs and welcome Bob with a Heineken shower.
For all the chaos that seemed to surround him, I have a hunch he had a pretty big heart.
Here's to ya!

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  1. Hmmmm??? Slipping from the whole Style, men's apparel "thang"...
    We all have our "remember when" tales....but this one doesn't grab me...
    More on the yester-years of fashion..this.. makes a person smile! To think "OH MY GOD!" I remember that brand or that style!!! A great way to put a smile on ones face.

  2. WELL, it is MY freakin' blog!

  3. Nice additude.........