Saturday, January 30, 2010

Johnny Law

My mouth gets me into more trouble. It used to be just an attention getter as much as anything. If I could affect people's feelings good or bad, at least I was getting their attention.
Like that feeble excuse for an assistant high school, varsity football coach / history teacher who saw my attempts as class cut-up as an assault on his tiny-ness. I couldn't help it that he was short, stumpy and lacked respect. I was the voice of the people Bob. I was saying what everybody wanted to say. I was just a vessel.

A few years ago, me and the missus were ridin the scoot and were pulled over just outside of town. He didn't have anything better to do. I knew that, he knew that. A snotty little tone started creepin out. I couldn't help it and I'm getting that STFU look from my wife.
Plus she's embarrased we're sitting in the bowling alley parking lot for all the world to see.
She's thankful she's head to toe in Harley garb sose nobody can ID her. But, when you think about it, what self-respecting biker women wouldn't relish the idea of being photographed in a bowling alley parking lot, mixing it up with Johnny Law? That's just bad ass!