Monday, January 4, 2010

Spartans VS. Wolverines: And The Other Powerful Debate

By this time, we'd worked our shoe gazin ways up the dues ladder to Wednesday nights at the posh, yet beer-soaked, Rick's American Cafe in East Lansing. I always preferred the E.L Rick's over the Ann Arbor Rick's hands down. For one reason, if something ever fell out of your pocket like some change, a bill or a cigarette cellophane, you would always reclaim it cuz it wasn't going anywhere, not on that carpet.

At the AA Rick's (no pun), no matter how loud you played, you could still hear the chatter over the din. Was it implied that the intellectual capacity was greater there, and that they just had more to say? All the time? No matter what?
Did they feel that because many of them hailed from upstate New York, Vermont or other meccas of Bohemia, Marxist thinking and Saab wagons, that we, the band, were but a mere outsourced boombox?

Well, I'll tell you somethin right now Mister, I shall always and forever be...a Spartan.
They've always seemed to be a much more attendant crowd in E. Lansing. They were always there for us it seemed. Plus I think Wednesdays were like Dollar Night or something.
So what if the mugs never left their mouths, we were being appreciated wether they new it or not.
Kevin was the jolly manager there. We got along pretty well. So well that he would often throw us the opening act bone when a favorite national act was rolling through.
I recall being hot to get on the bill with True West, though I wasn't really familiar with their material. But I'd heard their name being tossed around with other Cali shoot-em-ups like
The Long Ryders and Dream Syndicate, so that was good enough for me. Plus, Kevin never had to pay us shit as openers. Probably another reason we got along.

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