Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Love On Wheels: The Cargo Van

Granted, these days they may be deemed a little pervy, but back then,you had yer Ford Econolines, Dodge Tradesmans and Chevy Beauvilles, that were all just so right on. Mid seventies era 3-on-the-tree. It didn't have to be fancy and mine usually were'nt.

Not like the rich kids that rode the factory customs with the swiveling captain's chairs, opera windows and cheezy mural of some viking warrior astride a mutant sabre toothed tiger about to rescue a heavily boobed nordic lass from a gargantuan cyclops. Yikes, give me the funny papers, bondo and some primer and you've got MY mural.

I'm talkin bare bones, stinky pile carpeting, a mattress and a few lawn chairs and you're good to go type of love machine. Just cool enough to haul shit, hide shit er just git with yer lady down some two-track or lakeside beach. Just remember, when you open the side doors at sun-up and saunter outside naked in that wake-n-bake haze to the strains of Mississippi Queen, be careful she doesn't trip on the crappy wiring job to the new Pioneer 8 track quad. You know Leslie West never sounded so good, even in stereo.


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