Saturday, February 13, 2010

Birmingham Small Arms And The 441 Victor Special

Next to his late sixties, folksy record collection, the next cool thing my brother brought home from college was a '69, BSA 441 Victor Special. Jeez, just the name was cool by itself. Much cooler than say, Honda 305 Super Hawk. Because everybody had those. But nobody had a BSA, at least not in our town. It actually looked kinda like a dirt bike with its high suspension and fenders. And come to find out, that's actually it's claim to fame.
Having won 2 back-to-back 500cc World Motocross Championships in '64 and '65, is how it acquired the "Victor" status. But alas, in '67, the single stroke-low torque, brutish Brit lost out to the up and coming lighter and quicker, 2 stroke CZ.
My brother, on many levels, was just way ahead of the pack.


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