Saturday, February 6, 2010

An Old Man's Back Yard

Is it better to have had and lost, than to have never had? I'm refering to the property value of the real estate out back.
If it wasn't for my classmate in the junior high, gym class showers and his loud running commentary on everybody's physical features, I would have never known I had a bit of a shelf, as they say. And I wonder how, at that age, he was so knowledgeable in that regard.
In all these years, I never really thought much of my patio except for when I enjoyed a brief window of whistles, catcalls and rubber necking double-takes from female co-workers, who by now I am sure, are as baffeled by its disappearance as I am.
My wife compares it to the images on Mount Rushmore, withered by the elements, wind, rain and snow. But like seedlings emerging from the embers of a forest fire, a new, greater front porch takes shape. And what a grand porch it is!


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