Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Fever

Sicker-than-a-dog I am. Quite possibly the up tick in my temperature has brought me a tad closer to delirium. I can't seem to fend off the constant barrage of 'S' words that keep bleeping in and out of my sub-conscious. Words like: sick, sucks, soup, super, sandwich, Sunday, sympathy, snotty and whiskey.
Maybe it was fate that brought the viral gods together today. Maybe we weren't meant to mingle or snack or sip or to bore people into a coma with this years version of why I always root for the underdog (go Saints).
Nope. Looks like we'll be watching the commercials from our own couch tonight. Well, I'll be on the couch, surrounded by rolls of toilet paper, Vick's, unofficial Super Bowl deli plate and a not so old bottle of scotch. My wife will be perched across the room with her traditional glass of wine in one hand, and spray bottle of disinfectant in the other.


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