Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's All About The Sexy

Yep, I'm gonna get all apparel on yer ass. It's been force fed on me of late and I got no where else to go with it. So I figure hell, If I gotta deal with it, then you gotta deal with me dealin with it.

Take this Canada Goose Ontario Parka. Beautiful clean lines. And yeah it's utilitarian, utilitarian as all get out. There ain't many parkas out there you can pull out 5 years from now and still look every bit as good and have it continue to put out the same BTUs as this feller right here.

Close your eyes for just a sec and envision your self being transported from one building to another, absolutely undeterred by the elements, protected by this force-field if you will.

I got me one just like the one pitured. I know what your thinkin, you're thinkin I don't look all sexy like, wrapped up like some bear. But I'll tell ya what ladies and gentleman, step inside one of these bad boys and zip it up tight, flip that hood o'er your head and I'll show ya sexy real quick.


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