Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Coke Scores A Two-fer

Coke and Santa, if you don't know any better, is really not such an odd pairing when you consider the workload S. Claus had to deal with. His annual record for continually mushing those reindeer from rooftop to rooftop speaks for itself. But wouldn't ya think if he were to send a memo out in advance, say, like a month or two, to have everyone leave their garage door open so that he could just swing in, dump em and go. That chimney entrance has GOT to be brutal...and dirty. I mean, if I've got as much as a cat hair on my Lands End rugby, I'm freakin.

Coca-Cola's red and white imagery and branding, like Marlboro Reds and Budweiser, is as iconic today as ever. Back in 1931, Coke began its new ad campaign using Muskegon, Michigan born
Haddon Sundblom. With travel deemed too much of a luxury still for many post depression and pre-war Americans, The Saturday Evening Post, Ladies Home Journal and National Geographic served as the portals in which to see the world. And within those magazines were the Coca-Cola ads of Sundblom's Santa, the roly-poly, rosy cheeked home invader we know and love. His vision of Santa Claus continues to be my vision of Santa Claus. And he was like from practically down the street for cryin outloud. Sundblom that is, not Santa. I'm relativaly sure Santa is not from Muskegon.


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