Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Fair Weather King?

I've got a real hankerin' for Fair Isle sweaters, but this one is exceptional. This merino wool hoody is entirely hand knit in Mexico. It's part of the Yuki Matsuda designed, Chamula collection from the Meg Company of Hermosa Beach.
The collection is not only comprised of sweaters for men and women, but scarves, knit tuques, belts and jewelry inspired by the southwest.

Fair Isle sweaters, named for one of Scotland's Shetland Islands, were made popular in the '20s by King Edward the VIII. Ever the playboy, King Edward's eyes found the prize in Wallis Simpson. But for moral reasons and grace, the Royal family forced King Edward to choose between the throne and the divorced, mannish American who was still married to another as she carried on with Edward.
Under pressure, the King gave up the big chair for a broad.
Makes you wonder what it was about this women for a King to abdicate the throne to become the Duke & Duchess. There, I thought about it.

Ryan from Meg Company

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