Monday, December 28, 2009

Hoky Pete and Hubba-Hubba

Much, much and even plenty more research was preformed and documented to bring you, the people, the most comprehensive, slightly condensed but giddy peek into the world of
nearly-neked-women in turmoil. Most likely displayed on calendars best kept in the garage, basement or dark place that probably requires a flashlight or candle.

Gil Elvgren not only worked along side, but was also a disciple of Haddon Sundblom at the
Stevens/Gross Studio in Chicago. Elvgren was eventually designated to take over for Sundblom at the end of his tenure in ad work for the House of Coca-Cola. He would then go on to contribute 25 years of landmark, American Realist style illustration for the company.

But Before Gil Elvgren landed in Chicago, he was already a much sought after illustrator producing pinup art for Brown and Bigelow and Louis F. Dow, specialty calendar companies out of St. Paul, Minnesota, the artist's hometown.

Through the years evolved a composite Elvgren Girl: wide set- astonished eyes, pursed lips, prominant forehead, gorgeous hair, pert nose and a pinched waist all wrapped up in a natural state of grace and poise (I'm a stayin away from other elements of the Elvgren Girl, as my wife will forever raise the odd eyebrow, if ya get my meanin'). This ideal was thought to belong to one of Elvgren's most popular models, 1954 beauty queen and MGM studio actress, Myrna Hanson. Other notables who passed through the Elvgren studio doors were Myrna Loy, Donna Reed, Arlene Dahl, Barbara Hale and Kim Novak.

I could easily be persuaded to share more from this incredi-cool cat. Lets just chillax for a spell and see where this goes.


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