Saturday, December 5, 2009

Sea Hunt / The Dave Stanton Story

There was a quiet, eerie calm to the ocean's surface just off Santa Barbara. The fog had yet to burn off, leaving the sea an unsettling, murky black.
I checked my respirator one last time as I sat backward on the tail of the cabin-cruiser. Pushing off tanks first onto the dark, vast living room floor below.
(que Sea Hunt Theme)
The backward plunge was my favored Mike Nelson impression, usually off a small rug onto the greater sea of carpeting,
My Mom must have thought "what the hell" when she happened into the room while I writhed on the floor, grappling with some invisible assailant who successfully cuts my air hose to shreds. The show's ominous music plays against a thick burst of air bubbles shooting upward toward the surface.
This would be a great place to insert one of a couple of the more popular quotes from the show: "By this time, my lungs were aching for air."
"And then I saw it", the other trivia worthy quote could have stemmed from an episode where ex-Navy frogman Nelson stumbles upon one of those ball shaped, anti-submarine mines aimlessly drifting below the surface.
That...or his discovery of the lost flipper, angrily flung overboard in a fit of rage by an inebriated female guest crying out:"Was I just a port in the storm?"

This Just In: Recently, it's been found that the long running rumour of a link between Dave Stanton (possibly the brother just out of frame from Bridges family portraits) and Lloyd Bridges has yet to be substantiated.

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