Tuesday, December 8, 2009

On The Horn With The Randy Mountain Boys

TT:"Gotta tell ya Kenny, till I did some homework, I had no idea this was a homecoming of sorts for a couple of you guys."
Kenny Shriftson:"Yeah, we made Knoxville our home cuz it's right there off I-75 and all and it don't have all the distractions and trappings of Nashville...plus, it's just a heck of a lot cheaper. Don't get me wrong, we have a lot of friends there and we've made a lot of records there, though they never really amounted to a hill a beans."
TT: "I bet you get asked where the name comes from alot."
KS: "Not really"..............silence.......
TT: " So, where does the name come from?"
KS: "We're all big fans of 70's Penthouse Forum. We gotta lot of those lyin around so, you know, it was just kinda right there."
TT:"It's gotta be pretty cool to visit home after workin your butt's off on the road and in the studio.I can tell you right now, the town's pretty amped."
KS:" We always look forward to swingin back around home, seein the folks, plus I gotta a couple a kids I think still live up that way. Sometimes, when I come back, I'll sit in my van across the street from the schoolyard for a while to see if I can spot em on the playground."
TT:"I understand your outfit has kind of a swingin-door type membership. Who's onboard this trip?"
KS:"Well there's me, Kenny Shriftson. Hey Folks! Then we have Billy"Big Britches"Sipky. And rounding out the group, we have bar-band veteran extroirdinaire and Ferment native, Van VanderVandenBerg."
TT:"Pretty cool. Hey, thanks for your time Kenny. I know you're busy guys. One more quick question. Recent press has you touring with the Wah Wah Pettles. Will they be joining you in Ferment this weekend?"
KS:"Funny thing, they actually hale from Michigan too so they'll actually be enjoying their own homecoming. I believe they catch up with us on the Northern Mecosta County leg of this run. We're real fortunate to have them along. They're just real neat kids. Sound like shit, but they're neat kids. Then both bands rejoin SPEEDGRASS CAVALCADE with The Toes Of Donner Pass and Homo Safty Pin as it hits Hamtramck, so we're real excited about that."
TT:"Again, thanks for your time Kenny and I hope to see you this weekend, although I've got that groin thing flarin up again. You never know where that'll take me. Take care!
KS:"No prob. Check ya later"

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