Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Dry Monkee

Dolenz, Jones and Tork were infected with enough neurosis to keep the darker, more brooding
Nesmith darker and more brooding.
The lanky Texan's testosterone dial seemed to be at a different setting, which, at the time, translated to me as... just not as funny or maybe, not-as-funny-as would be more appropriate. But I was a young putz at the time so what did I know.

All it takes is some time for a little history to develop to realize the Monkee with the red fatty Gretsch may have had a bit more brewin upstairs than what we had imagined.

A few of Mike Nesmith's more notable accomplishments are:
-Penning the Monkee's She, Mary-Mary ( which was actually a prior hit for the Butterfield Blues Band)( I didn't know they ever had a hit actually) and The Stone Poney's Differrent Drummer.
-Was the executive producer for the film Repo Man.
-Winning the first Video of The Year Grammy for Elephant Parts.
-Many say he's The Father of Country Rawk
-Created the concept for the first all day video program, Pop Clips, which was later sold as MTV
-His signature wool cap was a staple on The Monkees tv show. Why? Though he was hired for his dead-pan demeanor, he wore this cap during his audition not so he would be distinguished from others but because it was what he was wearing to keep his hair out of his eyes while he rode his motorcycle. That's notable isn't it?
-He was paid $450 per episode. That too is notable...isn't it? Or just kinda side-bar interesting?
-Having a mother who created the type-o savior, Liquid Paper. Nuff said there, Right?

The cruise pictured is not your daddy's Catalina. The Monkeemobile was a souped-up, '66 Pontiac GTO ala George Barris. But I can't be sure George Barris had anything to do with its creation other than it being parked in front of his Kustom Shop in North Hollywood.
I suppose I could have/should have done more research on the topic but I have dial-up so please, don't get me going on that or we'll be here all day...much like dial-up.

Finally. Even though Peter Tork played a shit hot, fatty red Gretsch 6073, there was just something about his fly-away hair that always fell back into place no matter what that kinda bugged me a little. My wife's hair is like that too. She could walk out of a hurricane and right into the Bow Tie Bar on Ten Mile, she's that hot!



  1. I love this! Keep up with your keen observations. Happy new year buddy! Jack

  2. You too sport, and keep er twixt the ditches.

  3. I think that's tween the ditches

  4. I did, home and glad to be there. Hope you had a great night!

  5. Had an o so festive, in-bed-by-ten kinda party