Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Horseshoes & Hand Grenades

I love that bottom end rumble, that shakin the rafters kinda thingl. I wish I was doin it for a living or maybe its just as well for I'd probably only be putting rice and beans on the table.
I call it hunt-n-peck. That's my style if you call it a style. I figure as long as I land on the root when I'm supposed to, I'm half way there. Everything else is superfluous. (I'm trying to sell myself here a little bit so bare with me).
Being a drummer, I can indeed shake it a little on stage. So there's that. It may not always be pretty, but everybody needs someone to point at. Plus I play with my fingers, not a pick, so you get a warm, soft throttle. Not that folks who play with a plectrum are any less valid, its just differnt. Touche to the doghouse slappers.

Photo from partycovemarina.com

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