Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Translator's Byrdsy mix of British Invasion with a dab of hostility are still one of my perennial favorites from San Francisco's 415 Records. What with: Everywhere That I'm Not, Unalone,
LA-LA and the title track to their 2nd release, No Time Like Now.
Wire Train's: Chamber of Hellos and I'll Do You, off, In A Chamber. Romeo Void's: Never Say Never and A Girl In Trouble ( Is A Temporary Thing) and finally Red Rockers' China.
Named for what is now one of San Francisco's more iconic area codes in addition to being the police code for "Disturbing The Peace," 415 was founded by writer/promoter Howie Klein with supporting roles from Bill Graham Presents and in-house producer, David Kahne. Not long after its inception, Columbia Records swooped in to provide a national distribution deal.
Said Klein, " Before that Columbia deal, we made records that cost $5,000 and sold 50,000 copies. After the Columbia deal, we made records that cost, $50,000 and sold 5,000 copies."

A collective of information from TT and Wikipedia

415 Records logo from Wikipedia

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