Friday, September 11, 2009


I woke up to Uncle Tupelo sometime after Anodyne and by that time, the band was splitsville.
I was pretty well still mired in Dwight, Steve Earle and Lucinda at the time. Then Wilco's AM busted out of the chute. I Must Be High opens with a Beach Boys 'Hey Marcella' style walkin' bass run. Passenger Side, Boxfull of Letters, Should'nt Be Ashamed and the rollicking Casino Queen.
Boy that Ken Coomer packs a whallop don't he? Reminds me of El Rayo-X era Ian Wallace. Ian Wallace, the name alone conjures up pub brawler. Listen to Lindley's version of Mercury Blues, that'll shed a little light on it. I've read Wallace pegged the meters from start to finish on that song. He must have guns the size of Everest.
I don't believe I've ever seen Ken Coomer play although I think I saw Wilco at that one bar on Lincoln in Chicago. You know the one. Tweedy married an owner then later the city shut it down.
Never saw Uncle Tupelo. Saw Golden Smog...enh. BUT I did see Son Volt with the Boquist bros touring behind Trace at the Blind Pig in A Sqweert. Great great show, they just rocked it and so did Sparkle Horse...kind of like Winchester Cathedral meets ACDC on Dilaudid.
Keepin' it rural my neanderthal bruthas!

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