Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Thompsons and Whiskeytown

The late Tommy Thompson of Betty and Tommy Thompson fame didn't waste any time correcting me in my description of my own "suede" cowboy boots.
"Those Todd, are what are called Rough-Outs", Tommy said (think James Dean in Giant).
Betty Thompson, Scotti Merril and Mary Evelyn Truman played bit parts in the infamous Pickle Packin' Mamas gang along with sometime members Kay White and Phyllis Yeakey.
Fitzgerald's on the other hand, is out in Berwyn between Harlem and somethin, is where I saw the infant-North Carolina sextet- Faithless Street-era-Whiskeytown. Infant not only in timeline, but they were so young lookin they looked like a pack a 5th graders doin a boozey, sloppy, twangy Replacements kinda shoe gazer take on honky tonk. Good place that Fitzgeralds, I seen the Derailers and Alejandro there too.

Whiskeytown photo from
Giant stills from and

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