Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Samuels, Taylor & Reeves

I play drums myself, quite literally, so I naturally align with the supporting cast.
I think it must have been when the self titled Crosby Stills & Nash came out, an album with names attached to faces, that touched off my interest in their individual histories: Crosby with the Byrds, Stills with Buffalo Springfield and Nash with the Hollies. Then when Crosby Stills Nash Young Taylor and Reeves surfaced, it was like WHOA, who ARE these other cats?
Well...Greg Reeves was a Motown Records session bass player. When Rick James passed on the
CSN&Y gig, he turned Neil onto Greg, who's credentials revealed his age as 19, when in fact he was actually only 15 when he played on Deja Vu. FIFTEEN when he created that cool little walk-up on Carry On...sssheesh!
From what I gather there was kind of a push/pull between Neil's choice of Greg Reeves and Stills wanting Calvin Samuels in the band. In the end, when the recording of Deja Vu was finished, so was Greg Reeves. In addition, Dallas Taylor, the drummer on CS&N and Deja Vu was also cut loose.
But before they were officially a band, Nash Crosby and Stills were called in to sing back up harmonies at the rehearsals for John Sebastions upcoming album as were Dallas Taylor's kit skills. And it was through those rehearsals that Taylor soon found his next home on the CS&N team.

Heading out on the road in support of their two records, the boys brought in an entirely new rhythym section. Enter Calvin"Fuzzy"Samuels and John Barbata who'd both be featured in the upcoming live-4 Way Street.
Calvin Samuels, born in Antigua, grew up in London, met Stephen Stills by way of Eddie Grant of future Electric Avenue fame while Stills was there rehearsing for the CS&N debut.
After 4Way Street and one dust-up too many, the lads called 'er quits. Upon encountering a rigid "Y" in the road, both Fuzzy Samuels and Dallas Taylor re-emerged as Stills' semi-in-house rydum section for his ensuing solo outings: Stephen Stills, Stills 2, Manassas and Manassas' Down The Road.
Johny Barbata was playing with the Turtles when the Buffalo Springfield opened for them. You can also hear Barbata on the Turtle's hit, Happy Together. During the turbulance of post 4Way Street shananigans, Barbata took Neil's street on to record Ohio and on the subsequent Live Young; Time Fades Away.

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