Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Oui Oui

Everybody's cash-strapped these days including myself. But lets pretend for a minute you've got a little scratch to play with. You're hankerin' for a major change in scenery since this last summer's highlight was renting a beer filled pontoon (party barge) and drifting aimlessly amid the random carp. But I hear ya, there's alot to be said for such an afternoon. But let's take it up a notch. Yeah, it'll require plane tickets, yeah and a hotel...and yeah, passports but its the closest you'll get to Paris without crossing the pond.

If you do the research, you can cover a lot of, if not most of Montreal in a fat weekend. I don't know that French is the desired language (I'm guessing yes) but it is the most prevalent. The city is no stranger to the dollar bill and these days the rate is pretty well balanced. I've been there on a few occasions for business as it is a major North Ame
rican manufacturing hub for apparel and thought enough of the town to take my gal there for part our honeymoon. Walking through the narrow, cobblestone streets of Old Montreal, hoofing it to the top of Mount Royal for a city scape view, exploring Chinatown, venturing up and down Ste-Catharine Street-the city's main drag for shopping. Had a stupendous meal at Gibbys, a favorite Montreal steakhouse. And if we're really, really pretending, and want an even more expensive steak, head for Moishes, $75 bucks a pop, but in all fairness, that was a company dinner.

When heading for the finish line, you've got to see the Basilica Notre-Dame de Montreal. Its freakin stunning. Its Neo-Gothic architecture dates back to 1672. Throw in the Olympic Stadium and you're good to go.

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Photo of Basilica Notre-Dame de Montreal from

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