Monday, September 14, 2009

The Mack Island Carnys

We emptied the van and trudged the equipment to the dock to await the next ferry. Parents quietly cautioning their children to take a step back...away...away from these...these people.
Our ship finally arrives amid a flurry of seagulls and diesel fumes. Guitars, amps, drums, keyboards, sound and lighting now gets tossed onto the ferry. Then once we dock at the island, loaded off then loaded back on to a horse powered drey to be paraded thru town to the French Outpost where we unload and heft into the bar, banging equipment against the heads of golfers not willing to move aside. "Ahoy there mates, make way, for its a new set of carnys comin' thru."
We reveled in it.
Not the easiest gig in the world, but we are a creative people, we've done this a gazillion times, we have ways to adapt.
After we set up we have our own baggage to take care of (absolutely no pun intended). Huffing up the rickety one story, outside set of stairs, above the bike shop to the Band's Quarters. Sounds official don't it? It ain't. Whoops - I guess housekeeping hasn't quite made their way here yet. I try to locate an unspoiled square of real estate to set my bags down on.
We make do cuz it's free
More later...

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(I don't know the folks pictured, I've got a hunch one of them is Laverne, but the guy in the blue plaid shirt looks like he may have sauntered up and just wanted to be a part of it all.


  1. Staying up drinking...and then not being able to sleep past 9:45am because it got so damn hot in that place...i can still smell the pizza shops garbage....then again there was some definite upsides.