Monday, September 28, 2009

Old Banana Gap

A year ago last Spring, I saw glimpses of what I'd call survival mode from my local Gap store. But before that and since then...enh, I don't know, not really.
I mean I get that Gap wants to, and needs to, direct themselves away from being a go-to for every day basics, but I don't see, yet anyway, that they've moved much beyond the rank and file tee shirt.
This past weekend I popped into the neighborhood (30 miles away, its a big neighborhood) Old Navy and I realize I'm not their target customer, but I was outta there quicker than it took me to scratch my bee-hind and maybe should have waited till I was out of the store to do that.
Banana Republic I-do-not-get. It's like their designers said; "Lets go see what J.Crew is doing" but on their way, they tripped on something, bumped their heads and ended up at Nautica instead.
I yearn for 80s era Banana Republic, when they were the unofficial, suburban travel and safari outfitters. Now they knew khaki from chino. How I long for my Gurkha pants and multi-pocket, chambray shirt. (FYI, Gurkha is a unit within the British Indian Army from the 1800s, comprised of Napalese soldiers who sported the high waisted, double buckle style). I didn't think I could rock the Gurkha short with any significant amount of justice as they really only look up to spec with their counterpart beige knee socks.
I always try and make a stop into the 3 stores every couple of months in hopes of seeing that glimmer of least for the Gap, cuz I think that somewhere deep inside, they still got it in 'em... somewhere. But this sure ain't my Uncle Max's Banana Republic.


  1. So true! I walk right past 'em.

  2. socks, boxers, belts, t-shirts and then maybe the odd, obscenely short denim cut-offs.