Monday, October 19, 2009

Baby, It's Cold Outside

It's only mid October with plenty of leaves still on the trees. I have a funny feeling I'll be raking snow before I know it.
Mother Nature once again has a wild hair and seems hell-bent on testing our coping abilities. Not just nudging us but rudely shoving us back indoors. Forcing us to keep the fires stoked, swill more grog, feast on mutton and shop online. Eventually, the time comes when we must shower and brace for the frigid impact as we return, belching and cussing, to the very driveways, sidewalks and streets we sought refuge from.
This time, little does Ms. Nature know, there is a defense system in place, much like NORAD but under the guise of small storefront operation in Madison, Wisconsin called Context.
Just a few steps down from the state capital's rotunda, this operation has within its walls, not only the technically advanced, severe weather protection from Canada Goose, but other sophisticated garment forms as well from; APC, Apolis Activism, LaDurance, Band Of Outsiders, Nudie Jeans, Engineered Garments, Sugar Cane and Wings&Horns.
Their contact info is . Shopkeepers Ryan and Sam work hard to inform, educate and protect us. After all, if you're gonna go outside, put a hat on.

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